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2019年8月20日 (火)

Need for more cabinet space

For effective application use, most automation products should have Ethernet connectivity.

Main features

- Embedded Ethernet models with socket services functionality are now available.
- Fast programming with expanded Function Block memory (up to 10 Kstep).
- Save time and money (CX-Programmer Software with built-in simulation capability allows pretesting of programs without any hardware.

Increasingly the use of the Ethernet technology is being utilized in factory automation to facilitate communications between computers and PLC's.
- More analog I/Os at minimum cost and without the need for more cabinet space. Sewerage monitoring systems and building automation systems can be monitored by computers through wireless and Ethernet networks to record and control sites remotely.)
- Maximize efficiency (Select the optimum CPU for your application: 14, 20, 30 or 40 I/O built-in.

The ability to send and receive message from the CP1L PLC units makes it possible for a host computer to monitor the status of controllers and receive feedback from the controllers about any onsite abnormalities detected.

While traditional Ethernet communication devices were only available on large modular PLC's, the new range of Omron CP1L matches the needs of modern machine control with streamline compact and accessible devices. With the Omron CP1L, small scale programmable controllers with 10 to 200 I/O points now have Ethernet capabilities. The CP1L is able to connect seamlessly with a wide Assistive Tools Manufacturers in China range of sensors and position control devices as well as providing facilities for remote access, monitoring and data logging. Ethernet systems are typically easier to install and maintain and the technology is much cheaper and readily available for networking. The big advantage of Ethernet is the ability to standardize an entire process; from plant floor to corporate boardroom, on a singular network. Ethernet systems enable complete data access throughout an entire system. This ability and use of Ethernet as an interface for programmable controllers has led to numerous new application uses.

The increased use of Ethernet technology has subsequently led to a growing demand for a range of controllers which can match the requirements of modern machine control with the usability and versatility of application needs.

« Easy and works very simple | トップページ | Produce volumes of snow output »

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« Easy and works very simple | トップページ | Produce volumes of snow output »